REL Fuel Monitor

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REL Fuel

The REL Fuel Monitor is a free tool that provides the same great info you’ve been receiving daily by email, and now also includes:

Alerts and Warnings

Get alerted to specific scenarios. Potential fuel fraud, fuels at non-discounted stops, large purchases, etc.

Customizable Tables

See the data you care about the most. Spreadsheet-style transaction data with full search, filter, and grouping.

Quick Views

Recent transactions for specific trucks or specific fuel stops.

Automated Email Alerts

Get an email when we see something that needs attention.

To Get Started

To get started, reach out to either or call us at (470) 594-2532.

We will set up a short meeting (usually about 10 minutes) with an authorized user on your REL Fuel Card account to verify account details, and create your free account.

If you’d like, we will give you a short tour of the Fuel Monitor and explain its features.