The Heart of a Safety Program

The Heart of a Safety Program

Dale Knox, Safety Specialist and Employee Educator at Vorzik Transport, shares his wisdom and passion as it relates to helping to get 80 drivers home safely every day.

Common Safety Management Mistakes

Common Safety Management Mistakes

John Davis of Linehaul Central shares his 33 years of safety management experience, explaining many of the common mistakes he sees in FXG LH contractor safety programs, and how easy they are to fix.

How Much Money Are You Losing  With An Empty Truck

How Much Money Are You Losing With An Empty Truck

In this contractor interview with Charlie Hardman from Flomac Transportation, we dive into what it really costs to let a truck sit empty if we aren't actively recruiting. We then dive into the cost of recruiting. As we break down the basics, we discover that an...

Fuel Program

This video talks about your fuel supplement and how REL’s Fuel Discount Program can help reduce costs.

Ensuring Contractor Success

Ensuring Contractor Success

Veteran contractor Rick Dunn discusses why he started Linehaul Solutions, and the 8-week bootcamp he designed to ensure new contractors are fully prepared on day one of their contract.

Recruiting Millennials and Gen Z truck drivers

Like workers from any generation, Millennial and Gen Z truck drivers are motivated by pay. But recent research released by the American Transportation Research Institute found that there are other factors that are equally or even more...

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